Next Generation Media Technology & Solution

ENTRIX's Cloud Streaming solution is leading a new trend in Korea and overseas media markets.


ENTRIX provides various services based on its Cloud Streaming solution. ENTRIX's cutting edge Cloud Technology allows high quality TV User Interface (UI), variety of Apps, and OTT services regardless of the latest hardware support or specifications. ENTRIX's innovative Cloud Technology is opening doors and creating a new generation of the media ecosystem.

Cloud UI

ENTRIX's Cloud UI not only supports PIP (Picture in Picture) but also Overlay form of UI, and they can be applied accordingly to the needs of the media operators. The rich UI that includes various image and animation effects can be provided without latency, improving the UI usability and making it possible for various types of services based on the UI.

Technical Features

  • Server Virtualization Technology

    Efficiently encode and transfer display video/image from server
  • Low Delay Technology

    Transfer/generate encoded video/image to the STB without delay to maintain optimum usability
  • Multi-Session Management

    Secure investment/economical efficiency by handling as many users as possible on the server


  • SK broadband UI Renovation

  • CJ HELLOVISION UI Renovation

  • C&M UI Renovation