Enabling the promise of Cloud TV

ENTRIX's Cloud Streaming solution improves quality of service and reduces latency.

The next generation core solution in the media industry
"Cloud Streaming"

What is Cloud Streaming?

ENTRIX’s Cloud Streaming solution enables the efficient delivery and rapid deployment of next-generation entertainment services across an entire spectrum of devices. Its virtualization solution moves the video processing and computing cycles to the cloud and delivers just the image and video results to a thin client on the device, enabling even legacy devices to offer advanced user interfaces and services. ENTRIX's Cloud Streaming solution improves quality of service and reduces latency.

  • Customers with legacy Set-Top-Boxes (STBs) can deliver high quality, innovative user interfaces along with additional services. Higher quality services and interfaces bring greater customer engagement, reduced churn, and expanded revenue opportunities.

  • Services can be easily and rapidly developed and deployed using standard development practices and languages. Instant updating and deployment greatly improves time-to-market and development time, reducing overall costs.

  • As additional services are developed, they can be deployed network-wide instantly, regardless of the device or platform’s specifications (One Source Multi Use). Through cloud streaming, overall investment costs can be dramatically reduced.

ENTRIX's Cloud Streaming provides
fast and dynamic TV services.

Since the cloud servers handle the computing, Cloud Streaming delivers between 7x to 30x performance boosts over even the newest devices. Therefore, fast response times and spectacular user interfaces are delivered to legacy devices that could not handle these experiences before. Advanced video services and gaming experiences can now be provided across all devices.

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